The advantage of investing in a mirrored wall hanging is that it has two benefits. Not only will the wall hanging freshen up your space, the mirrored element will provide a practical benefit, adding even more value. Our Sunflower Wall Hanging Art piece is an absolute best seller that makes any space look instantly stylish, while our Symmetry Mirrored Wall Art pieces have a more classic design and work particularly well in smaller spaces.



At Phil Bee Interiors we carry a curated collection of classic mirrors for the home, as well as mirrored wall art pieces that double their use and design effect in the home. Our classic mirrors come furnished in a range of materials like wood and metal, while our mirrored wall art pieces are bordered with metal and come in a stunning range of modern styles. All our mirrors cater for a range of space sizes, and for smaller spaces a mirror will always give the benefit of making a space appear bigger than it is. Mirrored wall Hangings are the perfect choice for your home.